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Thread: Photos from the Forrest Escort Eva Skirmish

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    Photos from the Forrest Escort Eva Skirmish

    Hi all,

    Just got back from the Eva skirmish hosted by the Forrest Escort. I've been trying to go this shoot for 3 years but never made it until now. It's a great site and Forrest Escort runs a great skirmish. This is the first skirmish I've ever been to where there were Union troops. It was a bit...disconcerting to see all those blue uniforms! And those boys in blue sure did take home a whole lot of medals! You could say they made a good raid south and took home some Confederate gold!

    Here are some pictures that I grabbed Sunday morning:

    We woke up to a cool fog that burned off with the sun coming up over the trees.

    Feel free to distribute or use the photos as you like.

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    Thanks for sharing...

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