This is a very fine example of a U.S. Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle, made in 1849 by Robbins and Lawrence of Windsor, VT. 5000 of these rifles were kept in storage by the State of Massachusetts until the beginning of the Civil War. At that time, Massachusetts sold 1000 of these rifles to the State of New Hampshire. New Hampshire had 791 of these rifles uniquely altered to accept a sword bayonet. Most of these NH altered rifles were issued to the 9th NH Volunteer Infantry. This example is one of those New Hampshire altered rifles. It is in such fine condition, that it is doubtful that it ever left the State... Both cartouches on the stock are light but still visible. The barrel has Robbins and Lawrence proofs which read "US" over "JPC" over "P". The barrel tang has the 1849 date still visible. The bore is in it's original .54 caliber configuration and it is in excellent bright condition with sharp rifling. This example is in overall very fine condition, with nice smooth metal that has turned to a delightful patina with no pitting. The 1849 dated lock plate has sharp markings and silvery traces of original case colors in protected areas. Notice the brass still exhibits some varnish, most likely applied for storage. The lock is very precise and has a strong main spring. The stock is in very good condition with nice clean surfaces that have good lines and mostly smooth surfaces along with a few dings and scratches collected over the years. A nice example of an 1841 Model Mississippi rifle, that is very rare in its fine condition and original configuration.
$4000, plus s&h. email for more info.