This year's Veterans Skirmish is taking place on July 18 - 20. As always, we will have a prize table that all registered Veterans will have an opportunity to choose from. This table is supplied by a wide cross section of our sutlers and our general membership. It will include all kinds of items that are of interest or use to N-SSA members, ranging from things that we can all use like caps and lead, to some rather unique items.

If you have something you'd like to contribute, whether new, or used but in serviceable shape, please contact Wayne Jordan, Chiswell's Exiles, #9447, at, or by cell at 703-407-2445. I will be at Ft Shenandoah for Nationals starting Tuesday and I will be receiving emails and phone calls while there.

Also, you now have the opportunity to name a beer keg or name a relay at the musket match in return for a cash donation. Such name dedications are often done in memory of fallen skirmishers, but sometimes for current personalities in both serious and humorous veins. For info about these opportunities, also speak to Wayne Jordan.

All donations are publicized in numerous ways, so if you are donating on behalf of a business you will get your money's worth.

This year's Skirmish Director is Mark Elton of 1st Stuart Horse Artillery. The Veterans Committee commander is Eddie Williams of the 7th North Carolina.

Thank you to all who support our skirmish.

Wayne Jordan