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Thread: Bullets

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    Richard, along those same lines, years ago I ordered some .36 cal conicals from Dixie to try in a Colt Navy. Those conicals were harder than woodpecker's lips. I couldn't even get them loaded in the cylinder.

    7th Ark. I can tell you this for true, CWbullet man, Pat Kobosky's bullets are pure soft lead. I ordered some for my Sharps to try before I bought a mold. Pat shoots competition up north, so he knows about good bullets.

    Takes some time and experimenting to find a good shooting load for each individual rifle.

    As to push-thru sizing dies for bullets, Tom Crone makes dies that are second to none. I had some sizers from other outfits, but after buying some of Tom's dies, his are my choice. The have a gentle taper leading into the die that doesn't cut or mar the bullet, and centers the slug gradually before sizing to appropriate diameter. Great price at about $18.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hickok View Post

    Try a .581", a .579" and maybe a .577" plug gauge. They aren't very expensive. Seems alot of repro muskets run a little on the large side as to bore diameter. I found plug gauges were the easiest and most accurate way to check.

    One thing if you use this type of gauge, as others said to no liet it slide down the bore/barrel, just the first 1-2" of the gun.
    When doing do I would go one of two things to save a chance fro problem. add tape to one end, just a small band to stop it from falling down.
    Other then that one other way is to use a 5-6" brass rod smaller then bore and stick that in first so it can be use to hammer it out if your gauge gets dropped in.... As a just in case.

    For any of you trap shooters think of a wad knocker, drop down the barrel to knock a wad out on station.... it is just a slide weight.
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