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Thread: For sale - IAB Marcheno 1863 New Model Sharps Carbine

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    For sale - IAB Marcheno 1863 New Model Sharps Carbine

    Quote Originally Posted by bobanderson View Post
    Sharps is NOT, I REPEAT NOT sold pending funds to Dan from New York.
    Due to circumstances beyond my control, the sale of my IAB Sharps has fallen through and is now again on the market.

    $650, delivered to the fort next week.

    IAB Marcheno Sharps Saddle Ring Carbine
    Also marked Sile, New York, NY plus the usual reproduction historical markings.

    Barrel stamp is AC, meaning proofed in 1977.

    Tall front sight, bright clean bore, good trigger, Ampco bronze gas check conversion done by Larry Flees.
    Use Charlie Hahn tubes, 1 1/4" long, loose powder or nitrated paper cartridges.

    Would make an excellent starter carbine for a new skirmisher.

    I'll be arriving on Tuesday if anyone would like to inspect the carbine.
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