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Thread: rogers and spencer revolver

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    rogers and spencer revolver

    since euro arms is no more i have to ask if anyone knows if the rogers and spencers revolver will be made again. i have heard rumors that pedersoli sold off the revolver section of euro to another company. if this is true i can only hope they will continue to make the rogers at the same level of quality that euro did. if they decide to drop the rogers it would be a real shame. i consider the euro rogers to be surpased in quality only by the german repros that cost 6 to 8 times more. mr holland have you heard anything.

    hp gregory

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    The Euroarms revolver tooling was purchased by Pietta. I am given to understand, by one of the major importers, that Pietta intends on continuing some of the revolver lines. The N-SSA/SAC has not had any contact with Pietta to date.

    John Holland
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