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Thread: New Rifle Howitzer class

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    New Rifle Howitzer class

    The Rifle Howitzer Class was approved at the Jan BOD,
    If you or your team owns a Parrott Pack Howitzer and if you want, you can enter in this new class.

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    The Type Ten Blakely can also enter in this class.
    Norm Gibson
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    Accuracy of rifled howitzers

    Here's an enlarged view of one of the items in another posting I made, the "47 items."

    This is Hotchkiss' target fired with their patent projectiles on Nov. 12, 1860. Bore, 2.5 in., bore length 21 inches. That's only 8.4 calibers. The equivalent for a 3" gun is still only 25.2 inches of bore length. This target shows 9 rounds all hitting within about a 5-foot circle at 600 yds. This shows how important good projectiles are.

    I don't know if Hotchkiss fired only one target that day, or a few and this one was the "keeper" or what, but I was impressed when I saw this.

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    So there is documents to show that the US had this Hotchkiss during the war?? if so do you have any dimensions on the gun and what type of rifling it would have?

    I guess what I am getting at is the liner for this gun going to be easier to have made then a blakey #10??

    rick bryan
    3rd va co B

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