Hello N-SSA,

Two of our Spencer Shooting Society members (Red Leg & Georgia Red Leg) in conjunction with a "best quality sight makers/master machinest" have developed a replacement sight for the Spencer Carbine. This is Red Leg's original post about the "new reproduction" sight at SSS:

Hello SSS,

I have made arrangements with one of the best quality sight makers/master machinest to reproduce the original Spencer rear sight, complete. The base will be modified to fit the Taylor carbine and rifle, everything else will be like the original.

If you are interested I need a minimum order of 50 each to start production. If enough people are interested I will also do the sight base for original Spencers. The price for sight with Taylor type base and/or original base will be about $50 each plus about $3 shipping . You can place your order now by sending me an e-mail with the type base you want [Taylor or original] and number of sights you want and your address and phone number.

I want to place this order when the number reaches 50, so let me know now if you have an interest. First come first served. I will wait until Jan 15 and if the orders are not in, cancel my offer. I already have 5 on order from Hoot Gibson and his team, plus a few dealers.

PS: i will take Visa. Don't send any money until you hear from me.

Red Leg

To read more and see photos of the sight go to this link at SSS:

http://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index. ... 242.0.html

Thanks for looking,

Two Flints