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Thread: BP Bench Rest Rifle For Sale

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    BP Bench Rest Rifle For Sale

    I purchased a custom built rifle from C. Sharps Arms Co. three years ago, thinking I would get into NMLRA/NRA competitions, and have never fired it.

    It is a New Model 1874 Bridgeport Sporting Rifle in .45-70 caliber, with a 30" No. 1 heavy tapered octagon barrel, extra fancy English walnut stock w/cheek rest, globe front sight w/apertures and spirit level, and a Soule mid-range tang rear sight w/Hadley eyecup. Weight is about 11 1/4 pounds.

    There are pictures and specs on the C. Sharps web site at: I can also take photos of the actual rifle if desired.

    My original cost in 2008 was $3113.00. Current cost would be about $3300.00 or more, plus whatever the current wait time may be. Asking $2800.00 plus cost of delivery. I will not be able to make the Fall Nationals, but I could send it down with one of my teammates on the 1st MI Vol. Inf.

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    did you sell this rifle ? Thanks

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