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  1. WTB Bullets

    Just getting into shooting Civil War muskets and I am looking for a source for proper Minie balls for my Euroarms P53 Enfield. Before I invest in a mold, I would like to try a few different bullets to see which one shoots the best in my rifle.

    Can anyone suggest a place to purchase them that will not rob the bank?

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    Re: WTB Bullets

    Where are you located? There may be a skirmisher nearby to help you get started. Several folks sell bullets. They can rund 0.20 apiece. They sometimes get banged up in shiping. The issue is the bore diameter of your musket
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    Re: WTB Bullets

    One of the best guys is sutler Paul Weber ("Weber's Weapons"). He has a huge variety available, will size them for you, has the best prices, and is very knowledgeable. His number is 304-258-4666.

    But, you first have to know the exact bore size of your musket. This is best measured with a plug gauge.

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    Re: WTB Bullets


    I can send you a dozen or so of:

    Lee Original Minie .575" diameter
    Lee Improved Minie .580 diameter
    Hodgdon-RCBS in .585, .584, and .583 diameter

    PM me your mailing address and I will send them to you.

    This was done for me when I was getting started so I will pay it forward.

    Steve Sheldon
    4th Louisiana Delta Rifles
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