All skirmishers are invited to the 40th Veterans Skirmish. Shooting participants need to have 10 years of membership in the N-SSA, but it is a very social weekend and all members are encouraged to come and enjoy the camaraderie. We'll have the usual events - Friday night cookout, Saturday meeting with prize table, creek party, dinner, punch party and musket shooting. Also, there will be a special ceremony to dedicate the new monuments to our fallen friends in Memorial Park on Saturday evening. And there will also be some special events to be announced later that will make it a very memorable Veterans skirmish.
Click on this link for more information and a registration form.
Steve Light, Skirmish Director, Washington Blue Rifles
Eddie Williams, Commander, Veterans Committee, 7th North Carolina
Wayne Jordan, Paymaster and Prize Table, Chiswell's Exiles

Please click on the following link to view/download the 40th Veterans Skirmish application.