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Thread: 1858 2 band Enfield Rear sight

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    1858 2 band Enfield Rear sight

    I'm thinking of putting a Whitacre barrel on a 1858 Euroarms. What is my best option for a competition rear sight, or am I better off re-using the Euroarms rear sight. Thanks in advance,
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    Re: 1858 2 band Enfield Rear sight

    The best replacement rear sights are made by Rich Cross, who does not run a retail business. His sights are the preferred competition grade sight used in the N-SSA.

    You can probably get one from Nick Brevoort. Nick can be reached at 513-232-7045. I don't normaly publicly post phone numbers, etc, but this one is from Nick's business card.


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    Re: 1858 2 band Enfield Rear sight

    Over the years I have purchased several Rich Cross rear sights and lockplates and his quality is THE BEST!

    If you are going to be using your Enfield for Skirmishing, then you will only need to "set up" your sights for 50 and 100 yards.

    First of all, I have the "V" notch sight found on Enfields-I just cannot shoot accurately using that type of notch. I much prefer the Partridge type, square bottom "U" notch.

    What I did on my two band Enfield was to take the ladder blade out of the sight and clamp it in a fixture on a milling machine, then using the arbor and a "cut off" blade from a Dremel Tool kit, I cut a slot all the way across the part of the ladder sight with the "V" in it. This is the "V" you normally sight thru when using the sight with the ladder laid down in between the sight rear sight ears.

    Then using a rectangular section of an old hack saw blade, I silver soldered it into the slot and cut a Partridge type, square bottom "U" in it.

    [An alternative method would be to have a welder fill in the "V" and then have a machinist cut the square bottom, Partridge type "U" in it in place of the "V".]

    As for the front sight, I cut a dovetail in the barrel and installed a high front sight.

    Then at the "sight in" bench, I set up my sight (by tapping the front blade left and right for windage, and filing down the front sight for elevation.) When it was over with, with my ladder lying all the way down, my Enfield hits"Dead On" at the point of aim at 50 yards. Moving up the ladder to the first step on the ears and my Enfield hits "Dead On" at 100 yards.

    After my front sight was in the correct windage position, to comply with N-SSA rules, I soldered it into position.

    If you are getting a barrel from Danny Whitacre, for a slight extra charge he will dovetail your barrel for a front sight and supply one.


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