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Thread: WTS: Pietta 'Buffalo Target" 1858 Remington .44cal **SPF**

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    WTS: Pietta 'Buffalo Target" 1858 Remington .44cal **SPF**


    I have an excellent condition Pietta "Buffalo Target" 1858 Remington in .44cal with adjustable sights and a 12" octagonal barrel for sale. The pistol was won by my late father at the "Blue and Gray Heritage Days" event in South Georgia as first prize for the live fire pistol competition in the mid 1990's. As far as I know, the pistol is unfired. I have never shot it and I my father never shot it with me present. Note the lack of wear on the nipples and cylinder face.

    I don't believe in safe queens and I have many other BP pistols/longguns so this should go to someone who will shoot it. This pistol has a reputation for being a highly accurate BP revolver.

    Here are some reviews for this pistol


    I'm asking $200 Shipped to lower 48 states
    Payment by Money Order only, please

    This is my first post here at, but I'm active at as AirforceSP and my feedback is +10 here:

    Contact via EMAIL ONLY PLEASE

    ETA: email :

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    Re: WTS: Pietta 'Buffalo Target" 1858 Remington .44cal

    Yeppers,,,,these are very accurate pistols. Can hit one gallon milk jugs with mine at 100 yards. Great price as well. They had a used one sell at the Baltimore gunshow for %350.
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    Re: WTS: Pietta 'Buffalo Target" 1858 Remington .44cal

    PM Sent

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