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Thread: New Book on Dr. Edward Maynard Carbine and tape Primer Bio

  1. New Book on Dr. Edward Maynard Carbine and tape Primer Bio

    Newly released biography of Dr. Edward Maynard inventor of the Maynard Carbine and the Tape primer. Researched and written by one of his direct descendents. Titled Dr. Edward Maynard "Letters from the Land of the Tsar 1845-1846" America's Pioneering Dental Surgeon Turned Civil War Gun Inventor. Hardbound with Dust jacket, 216 pages, 80 pictures and illustrations including pictures of numerous Maynard prototype guns not seen by modern generations of Maynard gun enthusiast. $60.00 plus $5.00 media mail shipping. For more detailed information visit

    Limited First Edition Printing.
    Mail check or money order to:
    Rodney Hatch
    c/o Iron Horse Publishing
    P.O. Box 433
    North Salem, NY 10560

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    Re: New Book on Dr. Edward Maynard Carbine and tape Primer Bio

    I just got mine yesterday and I only perused it lightly. It seems interesting enough. The pictures of the prototype made by Springfield Armory and the pictures of the hand carved wooden models by Doc Maynard himself are worth the price. Mine was a gift so the price was sweet! Knowledge is a hard thing to put a price on. That's just my opinion. I'll be spending a lot more time with it in the near future.

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