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Thread: mississippi specs

  1. mississippi specs

    im thinking about putting together a mississippi rifle over the winter. is there a link to the nssa spec sheets. im undecided as to which model to build. i would like to see what my options are since i have a few parts laying around already. thanks in advance.

    hp gregory

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    Re: mississippi specs


    Get in touch with John Holland. Phil Spaugy or Mike Rouch ought to be able to help you also.
    Greg Ogdan, 11444
    110th OVI

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    Re: mississippi specs

    HP E-mail me your e-mail Address and I will send you all of them. Wayne Shaw
    Harlans Light Cav SAC

  4. Re: mississippi specs

    thanks wayne but mr holland and mr spaughy sent me what i was looking for. thats the realy cool thing about the nssa. someone asks for help and there are so many there to offer it. hp

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