To whom it may concern.
I got out of Skirmishing 4-5 years(Shermans Bodyguard - Midwest) and and am actively re-enacting now. I have a older Zoli Zouave that did me well, it has a front sight protector, 1 steel ram rod, 1 brass ramrod, 3.5 trigger pull, flip up peep for 50 yards, another flip up peep for 100 yards,hard case, leather sling, stainless nipple, bayonet w/ scabbard, speed loader & the cases (20 gauge boxes - by MTM), it was dead on with 39.5 grain 3F, used a Lyman Minnie that was sized to .579". Many more items to list.......I am looking for a 3 band Enfield, preferably one were it has not been set up for skirmishing, even a de-farbed one, I know that's taboo in this crowd. Any one who has a question on my credentials can talk to any of the guys on Shermans Bodyguard (Midwest region). I will be posting some pictures here shortly, some extras are lube, complete leathers and a cleaning rod made by Eric Schuessler (Hinckley Gunsmithing), I will even throw in some minnies that I have cast for it, even a SS poe with hooks to set your rifle up during match's, would be shipping from the Cleveland, OH area. Thanks for looking.

Dan Valek
4th VA Inf Co A