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Thread: Revolver front sights

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    Revolver front sights

    I have a Rogers and Spencer with pin front sight. It shoots about 18 inches high at 25 yards. Windage is perfect. How do I fabricate a taller front sight or should I just have the barrel dovetailed and buy a skirmish sight from Lodgewood or maybe S & S. Have same problem with .36 Remington Navy. It is dovetailed; shoots aout 16 inches high and right at 25 yards. Has original front sight. Taller sight available?

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    There are taller front sights available with the dove tail for the Remington. You just need one and fit it to your revolver.

    Assuming your RS is a Italian repro, The Rogers and Spencer sight pin is a Metric threaded pin. You can unscrew it and obtain a metric screw the appropriate length. After you get it file down to the correct height, file the threads off and you have a taller pin sight. I believe the size screw is 2-5 mm in size. Any good hardware store should be able to help you.
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