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Thread: A few items for sale

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    A few items for sale

    I will have an original Spencer (.56-50) for sale. I got it to shoot in the Spencer match but found a repro at a fair price and decided I'd rather shoot that. I had installed a new taller front blade sight so you can work up your sight settings.

    Also for sale, a Remington 1863 (Zouave). I was using it in the musket matches shooting a .576 Wilkinson bullet (Moose mold, not included as I'm still using it in my Fayetteville). Shoots well. The lock has a reproduction sear as the original broke at a match and needed to be replaced to finish the match. Uses 40 Gr 3F Swiss (my load for this rifle) Original barrel lined by Bobby Hoyt. Lock, other than the sear, is original as is the stock.

    I'll also have some Crossland Cross hats for sale, a must for Maryland confederates!

    I'll be at the 1st MD Cav. CSA site or might be perusing the Sutlers Market. Phone 443-949-2134 (if I can keep it charged).

    P.S. a friend on my team will have a Joslyn 1864 (.56-50) and a percussion Starr carbine.

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    Hi Ron,

    I would be interested in discussing your Spencer. My wife was unfortunately in an accident a couple weeks ago so I will not be able to make Nationals. I will give you a call at the number provided.

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