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Thread: Gun Reference Books for Sale

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    Gun Reference Books for Sale

    I was a long time member of the NSSA before I retired after relocating to western Colorado. I have a number of items which I acquired during my years of competition that I am listing for sale on the Bulletin Board, with the permission of the Board Master. The following first list I am posting will contain books specific to Civil War guns or the shooting of same. Each book is listed with a price that includes free shipping by USPS Media Mail to the purchaser?s location anywhere in the continental United States. I accept either Zelle (no fee charged to buyer or seller), money orders, or a personal check when cleared. No Pay Pal or credit cards. If you see something that interests you, contact me at


    Jim ("Tater") Carr
    13th Confederate, retired

    All of the books on this list are in excellent or very good condition. No dogs. Some are standard book sized, others are large (8? x ll? or larger). Please note the following condition abbreviations:

    Lg: larger book
    Ex: excellent condition meaning near or brand new condition
    VG: very good book has indicated minor wear, otherwise excellent
    Fair: more significant wear, underlines, creasing or other indicated condition detracting from looks while book is otherwise very good

    SB: soft bound
    HB: hard bound

    Original private printing of the Muzzle Loading Cap Lock Rifle by Ned H. Roberts. The first of these private printings occurred in 1940. This one is a 1944 ?revised and enlarged? second edition which includes an additional ?supplement? volume. Regarded by many as the consummate authority on traditional muzzle loading percussion rifles in the U.S., it is a treasury of information about the history of the rifle, the old-time gunsmiths, their innovations, production equipment and processes, the shooters who used these guns in competition, their techniques and the old time shoots they participated in. Different gun variations, accessories ammunition loads, and shooting techniques are discussed in detail. Illustrated with photographs, diagrams, and schematics. The first volume is hardbound, consisting of 530 total pages. The supplement is also hardbound and consists of an additional 92 pages. Both volumes are in VG or near Ex condition for age. . The exterior main volume is fully intact, but there is some fading of the gilt lettering on the spine and face, and some minor wear marks present. The exterior of the supplement is minty. Price: $160

    Arming the Glorious Cause: Weapons of the Second War for Independence, Whisker, Hartzler & Yautz, with history of Southern Arms Makers & facilities, Lg Ex HB , Signed by Professor Whisker, 171 pages, illustrated, Old Bradford Village Press, 1998 $45

    US Martial Single Shot Pistols, 1776 to 1845: a photographic Chronicle from 1776 to 1845, by David D. Hartzler and James B. Whisker, Lg HB, 128 pages with index, 1997 $40

    Early American Under Hammer firearms: 1826 to 1840, by Nicholas Chandler, Lg Ex HB with flyleaf, 192 pages with index, illustrated, Mowbray Publishers, 2010 $35

    Fighting Iron: A Metals Handbook for Arms Collectors, by Art Gogan, Ex, HB, 176 pages, illustrated, Mowbray Publishers, 1999 $25

    Springfield Shoulder Arms, 1795-1865, by Claude E. Fuller, 1st edition, Ex, Lg HB, 176 pages with index, illustrated, Francis Bannerman Publishers, 1930 $75

    Confederate Longarms and Pistols: A Pictorial Study, by Richard Hill and William Anthony, Ex, Lg HB, 304 pages with index, illustrated, Hill & Anthony Publishers, 1978, black leather bound 1st edition $75

    Arming the Glorious Cause: Weapons of the Second War for Independence, by James Whisker, Daniel Harzler & Larry Yantz, Ex, Lg HB, 175 pages with list & details of southern weapon manufacturers and index, illustrated, limited 1st edition, signed by Professor Whisker, Josten?s Press, 1998 $75

    The U.S. Model 1861 Springfield Rifle Musket, by James Whisker, Daniel Harzler & Larry Yantz, Ex, Lg HB, 284 pages, illustrated, 2nd edition, signed by Professors Whisker & Yantz, Bedford Village Press, 2006 $75

    Firearms from Europe, by James Whisker, Daniel Harzler & Larry Yantz, Ex, Lg HB, 191 pages with bibliography & index, illustrated, 2nd edition, signed by Professor Whisker, Rowe Books, 2002 $75

    American Gunsmiths (An alphabetical listing & details of over 20,000 American gun makers, patentees, gunsmiths and entrepreneurs from the mid 16th century to present, by Frank Sellers, Ex , SB, 384 pages including bibliography, Blue Book Publications, Second Edition, 2008 $30

    European Bayonets of the American Civil War: A Guide to the Imported Bayonets of the Union and Confederacy, Including American Made Bayonets for Foreign Arms, by David Noe & Joseph Serbaroli, Ex, SB, 215 pages with index, Illustrated, Mowbray Publishers, 2013 $30

    Two Books Sold Together: Sharpshooters of the American Civil War 1861-1865, by Philip Katcher, Ex, SB, 64 pages with index, illustrated, Osprey Publishers 2002 , and Civil War Sharps Carbines & Rifles, by Ealr Coates & John McAulay, Ex SB, 108 pages with bibliography and index, illustrated, Thomas Publications, 1996 $20

    Two books Sold Together: The Eagle on U.S. Firearms, by John Jordan, Ex, Lg SB, 140 pages with index, illustrated, Pioneer Publications, 1992, and The Official Guide to Gunmarks (antique and modern), Third Edition, by Robert H. Balderson, Ex, SB, 367 pages, illustrated with index, House of Collectibles Press, 1996 $40

    Civil War Collectibles Identification and Price Guide, by Russell Lewis, Ex SB, 399 pages with bibliography and index, illustrated, Krause Publications, 2009 $25

    Civil War Weapons, by Graham Smith, Ex, HB, 256 pages, illustrated, Chartwell Books, 2011 $15

    Civil War Collectors? Encyclopedia, by Francis Lord, Lg VG (fly leaf frayed at upper edge), HB, 360 pages with index, illustrated, Castle Books, 1965 $15
    Gun Tools: Their History and Identification, by James B. Shaffer, Lee A. Rutledge, R. Stephen Dorsey, Ex, SB, Paperback, Vol I: 377 pages Vol II: 394 pages, illustrated, Collectors Library, 1992 $75
    The Rifle Musket in Civil War Combat: Reality and Myth, by Earl J. Hess, Ex HB with flyleaf, 288 pages with index, University of Kansas Press, 2008 $15
    The Civil War Collector?s Price Guide, by Stephen Sylvia & Nancy Roubacher, Ex Lg SB, 280 pages, illustrated, 12th Edition, Publisher?s Press, 2010 $15

    Arms and Equipment of the Civil War, by Jack Coggins, Lg VG (some rub marks on exterior) SB, 160 pages with bibliography and index, illustrated, ?reprinted? by Broadfoot Press, 1990 $15

    Weapons of the Civil War, by Ian V. Hog, Lg Ex HB with flyleaf, 176 pages with index, 176 pages with index, Military Press, 1987 $10

    The Powder Flask Book, by Ray Biling, Lg Ex HB with flyleaf, 493 pages with index, illustrated, R& R Books, 1992 $75

    Two books Sold Together: An Introduction to Civl War Small Arms, by Earl J. Coates & Dean S. Thomas, Ex Lg SB, 96 pages, illustrated, Thomas Publications, 1990, and Carbines of the Civil War 1861-1865, by John McAulay, Lg Ex SB, 124 pages with bibliography, illustrated, Pioneer Press, $15

    The Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle , by Peter Smithhurst, Ex SB, illustrated, 80 pages with index, Osprey Publishing, 2010 $15

    The Civil War reenactors black powder guide, by David T. Smith, signed by author, paperback, very good condition, 55 pages including most importantly an appendix of nipple diameters and threads for every replica black powder firearm, an appendix of all black powder substitutes, and glossary of black powder firearm terms. $20

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    I am interested in the European Bayonets and Gun Tools books.
    pm sent.

    49th Va

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