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Thread: Lens Lube

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    Lens Lube

    Who sells Lens Lube on Line? Thanks

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    Hello, Shelby:

    Perhaps this will help.

    Len's Lube was developed by Len Estep.
    At the Fort, Mary Lou at REBEL TRADING POST, sells it.
    She may not be at the Nationals these days.

    She told me that Len's grandson-in-law, Mickey makes it, and that the National Artillery Officer, Robbie West, 1st Regiment VA Vol's, , can provide it.
    I have PM'd you the number Mary Lou gave me for Robbie. Do not call Mary Lou.
    I doubt there is an on-line source.
    If you learn differently, please share here, but do not post email addresses or phone numbers without permission. Thanks.
    Kevin Tinny
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    Lens lube

    Yes I still make lens lube. I do not ship as I am a manufacturer and sell to various retailers. Please contact Tim Scalin. He may ship to you. Please note I do not set retail prices

    Rob West.
    Rob West, 3379V
    National Artillery Officer
    1st Reg Va Volunteers, 001 TW

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