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Thread: I think I solved my vision problem.

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    I think I solved my vision problem.

    So like most folks several years ago when I hit 45 my eyes changed and I couldn't see up close very well anymore and had to start wearing reading glasses.

    Normally I wear contacts to correct nearsightedness. My shooting eye is 1.75 and my left eye is 3 point something. When my eyes changed, I couldn't see my sights very clearly anymore - they were blurry. I'm sure all of you old timers know what I'm talking about.

    For some years I punched a little disk out of some electrical tape, and then punched a 1/8" hole out of the center of that, and stuck it to my shooting glasses to make an aperture. Cheap, and worked fairly well, at the expense of field of view.

    Now I've worn reading glasses for years, also, and of course I tried shooting with them and found that while they made the sights clear they made the target blurry. I was wearing "1.25 magnification" readers.

    Well, I have discovered that that number is not magnification. It is "diopter". I had never considered 1.0 "magnification" readers as I did not think they would have any correction. But in fact, a 1.0 diopter does make a difference. And for me, it's darn-near perfect. When I'm wearing 1.0 readers, my sights are crystal clear and there is not much impact on distance vision.
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    They also make 0.75 diopter readers. Those have helped me with carbines and open sights since my cataract surgery earlier this year. Rear peeps have been my anser for most open sights, but I just acquired a P-H Enfield Musketoon and may not need the readers for it. Go figure! Take care and Good shooting.
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    I think I solved my vision problem.

    Good to hear Steve.

    This summer at a skirmish, a group of us were standing around B.S.-ing as an older skirmisher from the 1st South Carolina brought up a new technique he has been using for a year...where as, he got rid of wearing glasses. Either, his Dr. told him or he read it on line, I don't recall. I will try to explain it, then you can ask or research it more. Every night before bed, about 10-15 minutes beforehand...he would do basically eye stretches...repeated eye motions of looking up, down, to the sides, and rolling...I do not remember if there were more. He claimed he did these motions in numbered sets which led him to shelf his glasses.

    He was quite proud to tell us, so...maybe it does work - or helps.

    Good luck,

    Keith A. Williams
    15th. Reg VA Vol Cav
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