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Thread: Front Sight Protectors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Williams View Post
    Nice pictures John and a great job. I was tinkering with a cone style slip on - or a latch-able idea made from a PVC tube with interior foam padding.

    Now you are going to get request for these units now. LOL!

    Charlie, I found those 3D prints online also, good price...however, I was unsure of the durability...I believe you are the first person to say you bought those...Good to know...any complaints on them?

    I figured I would update the thread since I called John several times and got different prices.

    Take care gentlemen, and thanks.

    Keith A. Williams
    15th. Reg VA Vol Cav
    So far no messages... Yet!

    I've also tinkered with 3d printed sight protectors. I was selling a few different 3d printed items on here the last few years. I never could get sight protectors to work quite right. You make them thin enough to flex, then they get weak. The big problem was heat. In a hot car on a hot weekend, the sight protectors get kind of soft, since every plastic you can use in a printer (easily) has a very low melting temp. If you use ABS, I suppose they could work okay, since it's one of the stronger types of plastic you can print with.
    John Westenberger
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    Front Sight Protectors

    Roger that John, thanks for the reply. That's one reason why I was hesitant on purchasing them from Amazon...for $3.00 per unit more John did find the protectors out in his barn/shop.

    Take care,

    Keith A. Williams
    15th. Reg VA Vol Cav
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