What I meant was, you should digitize the material and put it on the internet. Digital data lives forever.

If you are trying to create a physical archive of artifacts and data, I wouldn't advise it. First, it is of limited utility to all - only those who live nearby it. Second, you'll need to pay to have a place to house it. I would not advise donating things to museums. Unless it is a particularly noteworthy piece, it will likely be put in storage. Museums also will sell off things they do not intend to display. If you have to give something to a museum, it should be loaned to a museum so that if they no longer want it it gets returned to its owner.

If you want to create some educational materials on uniforms (or whatever material culture), I recommend learning how to make videos and copy the examples I posted above. Post them to the video hosting site of your choice. Then they are available to the world.