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Thread: Mississippi ladder suggestions

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    Mississippi ladder suggestions

    Hi all,
    I?m digging out an old 1841 .54 cal Mississippi to get ready for skirmishing. It has been re-barreled by the previous owner with a seven groove bbl.

    I received a Lyman Great Plains mold with it that casts minies at .536 weighing about 440 grains with pure lead. I am sizing at .535 to round up the projectiles. It?s still a nice snug fit.

    I found an older post that references 40-43 grains of 3f Goex as an accurate load. I?ve had to switch to Swiss 3f which I ?think? runs about 10% hotter.

    What would be a good place to start a 5x5 ladder? I?m thinking 39-44 grains, but that may be too high. Any suggestions? What are you guys finding is a good test? Anyone shooting something similar?

    Manly?s Battery 243-TW

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    54 miss

    Jerry- those may work- but if you had a 533476 minie it may work better- or one of the newer runs of wilkerson style
    as to charges 2ff i have found does better , less fouling and torque than 3ff

    set your charges to run up in 2 grain lots and go see what works- for me its been 38 gr of 2ff goex

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