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Thread: New Garrett sharps

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    New Garrett sharps

    I just got this one in unfired condition should I have the O ring job done or not I would like to fire it some and maybe hunt with it
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    If you are wanting to hunt with it, and just fire a few shots through it in a day of shooting, it won't matter.

    But the easy way to tell if your gun needs breech work is simply make up 20 cartridges and try and shoot them all. After 9-10 shots the action was immovable. Don't try and force the action with the lever or you can bend/break the lever. If your action binds up after 10 or so shots and you want to be able to shoot more than that in a session I highly recommend Larry Flees's Sharps work.

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    I would only use 2f black powder if you are not doing a fix 1st and lube the action. Its not about using a full military charge. but about knowing where each shot will go.
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    Hello Comanche,
    Yeah these guys have laid some really good advice on you. I'd add on that powder charge don't think much bigger than 50 grains ffg. for hunting. Bruce mentioned "lube;" he should have said LUBE!!. The Sharps has two primary problems. The priming flash has to make about 17 or 18 turns before it hits the mail powder charge. Goop collects in all these turns often resulting in a misfire(s). Before you head to the woods FIRE THE GUN, And don't clean the breach area.
    The other problem area is frozen breach. Like Steve says you may well get this in ten shots or so. YOU CAN GET IT SOONER. When you lube the breach block use something with some backbone -- like Vaseline. Don't be afraid to lube it again after a few shots.
    I think the guy providing the box of matches with the gun obviously giving you the means to light it on fire may have stepped out of bounds a bit. Think in terms of historical accuracy. Pat Kelly just recently did a piece on an original froze up Sharps action found on a battlefield. You may have to do like the guys did back in the old days and use a stick or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 88comanche View Post
    I just got this one in unfired condition should I have the O ring job done or not I would like to fire it some and maybe hunt with it
    O-ring modifications only exist to correct poor fitting of the breech block, gas check plate and breach face and may not be necessary for your carbine. Before shooting it, check contact surface between the two. I generally apply a thin grease to the face of gas check plate, cycle the lever several times and then remove the block. Look for even contact across the plate service by the breach face. You may find one side isn?t contacting the breach. If so, shim the plate. I use aluminum foil between the plate and breech block. Each fold of foil is .001?.
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