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    Does anyone have any experience fitting Taylors repro stocks to an original Smith carbine?

    Dan Mastin
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    Potential Nightmare......

    I got a stock to put on a Pietta, that cracked in the wrist.

    When the stock arrived the hole that the buttstock screw goes thru was not centered. From the looks of it, it is drilled from both directions for half the distance.

    Just to get that to align properly it will have to be over-drilled, lined and then glass-bedded.

    Will also mention that I returned the first stock and they sent me a second one, that was drilled the exact same way.

    As for fitting one to an original, you would first have to deal with the above issue, and then I know that the buttplates are shaped different. Also on an original smith the rear screw on the trigger bow is a regular wood screw, on the repro it is a machined screw that goes into the tang of the receiver just like the front screw.... So there is that issue as well.
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