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Thread: Complete Boredom/Genius Moment?

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    Complete Boredom/Genius Moment?

    So, as I am prepping for flintlock season for deer next month, I tried something stupid. Looking for thoughts, anyone done this? I only got into flintlock a few years ago and mainly just for deer. I took the .54 round balls and wrapped them in their patch (I use old bed linen) and dipped them in my minie lube. Set them on top of our musket casings to dry. I realized that these fit the casings well, making a water proof seal. I only use 52 grains of 2f in my flinter. (It works, I?ve taken two deer in two years of hunting with it) so, the charge fits in the tube.
    Anybody else do this?!? I normally use just olive oil soaked patches. Will this affect accuracy? I dipped the balls and wrapped them, then dipped again.
    So, just curious?thoughts or ideas?Name:  3BF0D294-2F92-41A1-8242-1205C0B0BA04.jpg
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    Fascinating stroll back thru round ball land. Two things caught my eye --- bed linen for patch material --- some linen is synthetic -- will melt on firing -- must be pure cotton. Olive lube interesting --- must be used immediately of will soak powder. Your cartridge configuration most fine.

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