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Thread: Lubed up bullets shelf life

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    A couple of years ago I was working on loads for my Henry using SPG lube. I use the sticks in my Lyman lubricator and in the middle of lubing and sizing I needed to reload a stick. Grabbing one that was part of my dad's stuff I inherited, I finished lubing the bullets. At the range all was going well with pretty good groups until I started shooting the last bullets I lubed. I went from 2 inch groups at 50 yds. to not being able to keep them on paper off the bench! The lube literally gummed the muzzle end of the barrel up for about the last 6-8 inches. I cleaned the barrel which was a chore and shot some of the newer lubed bullet just fine. Shot the old lube bullets and same results. When I stopped to think about it the lube from my dad's stuff had to be 15-20 yrs. old. I tossed all the old lube. Bottom line SPG does have a shelf life!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Lintner View Post
    Thats the reason I want to try home made lube and Len's Lube.
    Sending you a PM, Bob.
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