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Thread: Primers for 44-40

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    Primers for 44-40

    I know that these days I have to take what I can get, but I?d like to know whether in ideal conditions is it preferable to use rifle or pistol primers to load 44-40 for the Henry rifle (mine is a Navy Arms). I know it?s a pistol-class cartridge, but it was originally designed for rifle. Strength of the primer flash shouldn?t be too large a concern, and the qhammer and firing pin arrangement of the Henry will certainly set either one off. Is the softer, slightly lower height of the LPP a problem?

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    Some .44-40 brass, such as Starline, is made for pistol primers ONLY.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron The Old Reb View Post
    ​You don't want to use pistol primers in a tubular magazine. Another thing you want to be sure the primer is seated below the rim of the case.
    Why are pistol primers not ok in a tube magazine? Genuine question. Is this a broad answer for all lead bullets or do you mean just if using roundnose? Thanks. Never too old to learn or hear other's experiences.

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    The statement should be 'you don't want large rifle primers.' We use large pistol primers in our 44-40. Large rifle primers will protrude out the back of the primer pocket because they are taller than large pistol primers. Large rifle primers in the 44-40 cartridge could set off a chain reaction in the tubular magazine of the Henry. I believe in this actually occurred in the early days of the Repeater Competition.
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    Yes, bullet style too

    A pointed bullet, when loaded inline, can impact any size primer and cause them to go off. The theory is this ... the flat on a flat nose bullets diameter will be bigger than the the diameter of the primers diameter and will hit the brass around the primer first. That is if correctly pressed in!!!
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