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Thread: Greene rifle that I missed final bidding

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    Greene rifle that I missed final bidding

    Hi. If anyone was lucky enough to pick up the Greene rifle that auctioneers at A OK Auction Company didn't know what it was, please let me know. I forgot to set my alarm, thinking I'd be up by 9 my time for the 10AM eastern auction start. Was lot #44, and sold for $800. Would have been a great #9 restoration project, had I not slept late today. Still kicking myself. Normally, I'm on all the auction sites daily/nightly with specific searches, and definitely would have missed this one, had I not just entered "antique rifle". Eric.

    Sold Price: 1857-79 .53 Cal Bolt Action - July 6, 0121 10:00 AM EDT (

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    I have a much nicer one but that one was a steal for $800. A little rough and missing ramrod/cleaning rod.
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