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Thread: RCBS 500M melt issues

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    Have had two problems w RCBS minie moulds:

    The plate on the bottom has a specific GROUND contact FACE.
    It may or may not be marked with an "X".
    The ground face is the one that should be against the plug and bottom of the blocks.
    On all of mine, if incorrect side against plug, the slide plate screws will not align when blocks closed.

    I had two new, unused ones with a plug height issue that located the plug shoulder below the skirt base, unlike yours that located the plug shoulder ABOVE the skirt base.
    John Bly saw that during unrelated work to widen the meplat and put a brass shim under the plug.

    FWIW, I found a wider meplat casted more uniformly. Smiles.

    Kevin Tinny
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