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Thread: AED Class at the Nationals

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    AED Class at the Nationals

    We are going to have an AED familiarization class on Wednesday night May 19 in the veterans building. The 7:00pm class is for National Officers, Host Teams and Provost Marshals. The 8:00pm class is open to all Teams. The class is limited to 40 people, so if you would like to attend contact me at 757-630-9628.

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    Re: AED Class at the Nationals


    Is there some way better notification can be sent out on this, in time for the fall nationals several people from the 19th ,myself included did not know about this class till after the fact and are very interested in learning how to use AED's
    Bob Seng

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    Re: AED Class at the Nationals

    Maybe whoever would be instructing the AED class at said Nationals, could have copies of the information made and sent to Dot Wilhauer, to be added into the packets sent out to the team commanders for the Spring & Fall Nationals. That way the info would reach each team with the contact information needed for those who would like to participate in the AED familiarization class . Just a thought.
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