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Thread: Combustible cartridge conundrum

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgmradio View Post
    The linen cartridges in the photos are made with drafting linen. They are 2 layers thick and have onion skin paper bases inserted. The drafting linen is 0.005? thick as was the original linen used in the Starr and Sharps cartridges. It is very hard to find as it hasn?t been made for 70 or so years. The roll that I have is actually cotton I believe instead of real linen. The thinnest modern linen I have been able to find runs between 0.009-0.011? thick and the tread count is very low, almost a gauze. The pure linen does burn more completely than the cotton, but that doesn?t make much difference as the cotton usually burns completely.
    The original glues used were either Gum Aribic or shellac glue.

    Thanks much for that info. Further research and the hunt will be on. There must still be some old stock out there somewhere.
    Barry S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Fox View Post
    In my declining years I've developed a fondness for acquiring and shooting CW carbines. Cannot get the Burnside to work correctly, but that's another story. Especially enjoy the paper cartridge carbines. Charlie Hahn's cardboard tubes work as advertised in my Sharps, exiting the barrel in a seemly manner when the gun goes off. The difficulty is with my Merrill, Gwyn & Campbell, and Starr. The paper cartridges tend to stay mostly intact in the breeches after firing. I've made a sort of hook to extract them. I've used commercial nitrated paper from DGW and 1950s rag bond from my Dad's office liberally soaked in potassium nitrate. Other people don't seem to have this problem. What might I be doing wrong?
    What is your burnsides issue?
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