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Thread: Brass trigger guard repair

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    Brass trigger guard repair

    Can anyone share how you went about repairing a brass trigger guard, or any brass part for that matter. There's a Merrill carbine for sale that was cracked on the trigger guard right where a larger screw was added. Would have to fix any guard shape issues, as well as fill in the drilled hole. Thanks, Eric.

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    The only way I know to repair brass it to have it brazed. Take it to a welding shop or someone that knows how to weld they should be able to braze it.
    After it is repaired you will have to file and shape it to it's original contour and buff it on a buffing wheel with different grit buffing compound till all the file marks come out.
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    Brazing will be the best way to repair but you still will want to match the color as best as possible. Clean the bottom of the piece where it will not show to bare metal. Then compare the brazing rod for color match. If you are ok with the color great but if not the welder can use brass rod with color that matches. Brass comes in many colors, red brass to yellow brass, due to the amount of copper. The welder will use flux with the brass rod.

    Not all welders are equal, get someone with experiance brazing.

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