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Thread: New Burnside Shooter Question

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    Thanks for the explanation John.


    Some will tell you that vertical stringing is a breathing thing. I'm not sure that really applies to shooting from the bench. However, an inconsistent hold can affect vertical point of impact. I also believe that the slower ignition of most black powder guns compounds this. It gives your body more time to react to recoil before the bullet exits the muzzle. If your grip isn't the same every time, the muzzle can rise more or less than it did on previous shots. Just a theory of mine.

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    Thanks Hal!

    The unusual part of this is the shots started at the bottom and rose up as the string progressed. They were not scattered. My rest was my hand on top of my shooting bag. I shot one shot and the reloaded the case and shot again. There was about a minute between each shot so maybe I inched forward or something with each shot affecting my hold position on the rifle. Another thing to watch for on my next range day. I also shot my Austrian Lorenz on the same day. These shots were a 6" circular pattern. That is more what I was expected since it was also the first time I shot it and I have not developed a load for it either. I'm learning more every day.

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