Did some casting tonight with pure lead. I hope to do some load workups this weekend with the new Pietta Smith I just got, so I cast up a pot full of Eras Gone Smith Carbine bullets, and also some Eras Gone English Kerr revolver bullets. The Smith bullets cast beautifully in pure lead. I also did a batch previously in 1:20 tin:lead alloy. I hope the lead bullets work well because they cast fine and I'd rather not have to make up alloy.

Also can't wait to try out the new English Kerr bullet. The interesting thing about the Kerr bullet is base of the bullet is all "heel". It is of such a small diameter that it drops completely into the chamber of the revolver until the head bottoms out on the cylinder face. In fact, the heel of the bullet will sit in the bore of the muzzle. But when I pounded the bullet head-first down the barrel from the muzzle, as you can see the bullet "bumped up" and took up the rifling the entire length of the bullet. I assume this will happen when fired, also. The long heel makes it easy to set in the chamber and drive home straight. I intend to pan lube these and then insert them into .45 ACP cases to shave off the excess lube. They drop right into .45 ACP case mouths until the head bottoms out on the mouth.

Full-sized pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/67rA9MI