Hi Folks! I hope that all of you are doing well and are in reasonably good health! As you know our country is in a crisis with a virus that is causing major changes in our society. In many states large gatherings are banned by the state governments. In Virginia the number of people recommended for a gathering goes from 100 to 250. Out of an abundance of caution we have decided to meet in the middle and limit our gatherings to 150 skirmishers. Schools in many states are closed as well as many businesses and government offices.

We are on the verge of our skirmish season and this virus will have a major impact. The limit of 150 people will impact the skirmishes at Fort Shenandoah and in Virginia. We are closely monitoring the situation to see if we will need to make any major changes. At this time we have not cancelled any skirmishes but that could change as the health crisis changes. People have asked about the Spring National and at this time it is still scheduled but we will make a final decision closer to the event. Regions are encouraged to be extremely careful in hosting and do not be afraid to postpone or cancel skirmishes if it is warranted. Many skirmishes may be cancelled in the various regions as we go forward.

We strongly encourage everyone to follow the health recommendations such as hand washing and gathering in small groups. Please realize that our entire society is affected by this virus and we will be closely watching the situation and will do whatever we have to do protect our people. We will share information as we learn more about this crisis and what we have to do as a result of it. Thank you and be safe.

Dave Booz