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Thread: WTS_1855 U.S. Musket, Artillerty Model (Haack & Vikar)

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    WTS_1855 U.S. Musket, Artillerty Model (Haack & Vikar)

    Repo. made by Haack & Vikar. Harpers Ferry marked repo lock (non working tape door). overall very good condition, excellent bore, 3 1/2 # trigger, tumbler has set screw to ajust trigger pull. two ram rods - brass & steel. $1,050.00 + shipping or face to face at Fort. or PM.Name:  1855Rifle001.jpg
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    Nice Artillery model

    Wow nice to see that one of the 1855 artillery I built is still around. The HV10 on the side is for the 10th artillery model I built.. Thanks for bringing back some memories.
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