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Thread: Goex Dealer Initiative!

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    Goex Dealer Initiative!

    Check out the Goex Dealer Initiative!

    Be sure to let your local gun store know about this. Goex is offering incentives to help stores carry black powder!

    Goex wants to Help New GOEX Black Powder Dealers!

    The GOEX Dealer Initiative is designed to help get new GOEX Black Powder Dealers up and running

    GOEX will Offer an Introductory Special:
    ? With opening order receive storage magazine (loan), $200 credit on 2nd order (to compensate FEL cost)
    ? We?ll supply empty cans for retail display, literature, hats, decals and T-Shirts.
    ? We?re also working on signage for the Dealers to display in their store front, since we can?t be on the shelf.
    ? We have revamped our website with a dealer locator and will list your Dealer?s business? name and information, all on our website?s Dealer locator map.
    To begin the process of adding GOEX Blackpowder to your inventory and take advantage of this assistence from GOEX, fill out the contact form on their website.

    Or give them a call at (913) 362-9455


    P.S. I have no affiliation with Goex other than having inhaled so much smoke from it that it's probably a permanent part of my soul at this point.
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    Glad to learn GOEX is going to be sold by more retailers!

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    The issue isn't so much as Goex not being out there for purchase but the onerous requirements to handle it. Many businesses don't want to deal with the hassles and regulations and expense.
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    My state is one of those that have made the magazine requirements virtually impossible to meet.

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    Most people, including most store employees, don't know the difference between Black Powder and Black Powder Substitutes. Go into most stores and ask for Black Powder, and you will be directed to the Pyrodex. If you tell them no, I mean REAL black powder, you get the deer in the headlights look.

    I prefer Swiss, but I cannot buy it locally. For that matter, I cannot buy Goex "Locally". I can drive to Savannah and get it at Bass Pro, but that is the only brand they carry. So.... I either buy it at Winchester or else, I order it and have it shipped to the house. It is a shame. I predict I will see the day when I can no longer buy real black powder. I guess then I can rest in the comfort of knowing that I am being saved from myself.

    We talk about recruitment. I must admit I have wondered if N-SSA were to allow substitutes, if more people would be inclined to join. Maybe not. Who knows? I do know that when I first joined, the thought of paying a hazmat fee to buy powder was a real consideration to me. It was just not something I was used to doing.

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    Interesting question. if we permitted BP substitutes would we get more recruits? I rather doubt it. Someone who is invested enough to be buying lead and casting stuff probably either has a local dealer or won't balk at shipping it. To say nothing of the gun and uniform and all else that is involved. It would be convenient to be able to buy powder anywhere, sure; but having played around with pyrodex I wasn't impressed with accuracy. In fact, even in my inline scoped gun that I use for deer (CVA) I tried loose pyrodex, pyrodex pellets, and FFG Goex. The plain old Goex shot best even under sabot loads. Granted all of the above foul badly with no bullet lube, but you only shoot one or two shots out in the woods hunting so that's not an issue, if the pyrodex shot best that would be fine with me.

    The other thing I noticed is that while so many weekend warriors are convinced you need 3 pellets of Pyrodex or whatever to drop a deer, 80 gr of 2f is more accurate recoils less and still kills a deer dead on the spot if you are doing your part.

    So for accuracy and historical reasons I see no reason to consider it. This said if anyone can point to hundreds of people who would swear "I would join if only I could shoot BP substitutes" I think we'd change our mind. I don't think those people are out there. Is there one or two? Maybe. At most.

    So in any case, good for goex! Hope their initiative bears fruit.

    As a side note, I notice that the log cabin gun shop in Lodi Ohio is not listed on Goex's dealer page. Uhm... they are one of the pre-eminent muzzleloader shops in the COUNTRY and do in fact deal in Goex. If the company is trying to expand their business maybe they should have an up to date page?
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    They may not be directly dealing with Goex so it may not be listed.
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