SECTION 1 Elections of National Officers shall be held every two years during the membership meeting at the fall National Skirmish of each election year, commencing in 1994. In the event the fall National Skirmish is not held in an election year, the time and place of the election shall be established by the Board of Directors, to correspond as nearly as possible to the time the skirmish would have been held.
SECTION 2 Nominations for National Officers shall be made by a nominating committee elected by the Board of Directors. The committee shall report its recommendations to the Board of Directors at the May meeting of that body in each election year. Member organizations shall be notified of the nominees through the July issue of the Association?s official publications. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the election meeting.
SECTION 3 In the event a member organization cannot attend the election meeting, it may vote either by proxy or mail. If it votes by mail, the ballot must be sent to the National Adjutant and must be postmarked at least ten days prior to the election (see Article XIII, Section 8 for proxy rules). - 9 - Bylaws of the N-SSA Last Amended October 2014
SECTION 4 A majority of the votes cast for office shall be required to elect a candidate to that office.
SECTION 5 National Officers shall assume their offices December 1 following their elections.
SECTION 6 Rules and procedures for the nomination of candidates and the election of officers shall be published as a separate document, adopted by the Board of Directors and amended by the Board as needed.

Article XIII
SECTION 8 Voting by proxy shall be allowed at membership meetings only, and not at meetings of the Board of Directors. A member organization wishing to send its proxy must notify the National Adjutant of that fact in writing, and must designate the organization whose representative is authorized to exercise its proxy. This written notice must be in the hands of the national Adjutant prior to the start of the meeting, and it is his responsibility to notify the presiding officer. A proxy shall be good for one meeting only, and may be given only to a member organization in good standing which is eligible to vote at that meeting. A member organization may hold the proxy of only one other member organization at a meeting.

Nominations for offices may be made from the floor by any member in good standing.