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Thread: Merrill carbine

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    Merrill carbine

    What went around the breach plunger of a Merrill to seal the breach. A band incised on plunger looks as if an O ring may work.

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    Robert, the face of the "plunger" had a copper disc brazed to it to seal the breech. This was because the copper wouldn't burn out when resisting the gas pressure. You could try contacting Bill McCarthy of the 56th PVI for additional information because he is the person who makes perfect N-SSA approved replicas of the Merrill Rifle & Carbine.

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    I received a beautifully aged and part stamped plunger arm, plunger with copper face for 96 shipped last week. Had to open up the lever screw hole was the only adjustment needed. I picked up a barrel/receiver/lever/rear sight, all matching, but that was it. Someday I'll find the stock et al...

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