My Notes from the January 2020 Board Of Directors Meeting of the N-SSA

The following are some of my notes from the January Board of Directors meeting of the N-SSA. They are NOT the official minutes of the meeting. I am posting them in order to help communicate to the membership what transpired at the meeting.

  1. In the spring we MAY have a one phase, three relay musket match on Sunday morning. This will only occur if the number of musket teams which are signed up justify the single phase. If more teams sign up then we will stay with two phases. If we do go to one phase word will go out well in advance of the spring national.
  2. In the spring we will have separate matches for single shot breechloaders and repeaters (commonly referred to as the ?Henry/Spencer match?). This will allow skirmishers to fire in both matches. These matches will be on Friday of the national.
  3. We will have a demonstration match for the single shot pistol in the spring. Any skirmisher who wants to shoot this firearm MUST use a loading stand to reload the firearm. This will be true for individual competition and team competition. Depending on how this match goes in the spring the Board will make a final decision on the future of the match in August.
  4. Skirmishers are reminded that if they have a vehicle at the nationals they MUST have a vehicle pass properly filled out and visible so that if need be the vehicle?s owner can be identified. Please fill the pass out as soon as you get it and make sure that it is visible the entire time you are on the property.
  5. The Artillery Team Meeting will now be mandatory for all artillery teams. It will be held at 11 am on Friday. If a team does not show up for this meeting they will not be able to fire in the artillery matches.
  6. We encourage all teams to consider being a part of the Adopt-A-Bathroom program. Over the years some teams have repaired and refurbished the bathrooms that are close to their campsite. This has been a great help to the N-SSA. Teams can work through the Property Management Committee to turn their bathrooms into a place of beauty!
  7. There was a rule change so that if a firearm is fouled or disabled and the skirmisher needs help to clear it the host team will send an ordnance vehicle to help. If the firearm is not clear by the time the ordnance vehicle arrives then that firearm, and the skirmisher using it, will be immediately taken to a safe place to clear the firearm and the skirmish will continue. This is to prevent a significant loss of time during the match.
  8. There will be a recruitment skirmish held on March 28, 2020 at Fort Shenandoah. This will be held during the Early Bird Skirmish. Visitors who desire to shoot our shoulder firearms will be able to do so under the close supervision of N-SSA skirmishers. More details will follow. We encourage all regions to consider holding recruitment skirmishes such as this.
  9. A By-Law change was passed that would make the Paymaster position an appointed one. It is currently an elected position but the person can be re-elected indefinitely. For a variety of reasons we believe that the N-SSA will be better served by this change. A ballot, with an explanation will be sent out to all teams in the near future for a vote. Teams will have 30 days to return their vote. We are doing the vote by mail (e-mail and U.S. mail) in order to hopefully be able to find a person to become paymaster in the spring.
  10. The paymaster position will be re-designed so that the paymaster will handle some duties, and a professional accounting firm, J.C. Kunkle and Associates, will handle some aspects. We will look to make some more possible changes in the upcoming months. Kunkle and Associates have helped us in the pass with audits and have been a major help over the last three months.
  11. A balanced budget was approved by the Board. There were many adjustments made in the proposed budget by a committee before it was presented to the Board. In order to help fund this budget a $1.00 (one) fee will be added to each team match per individual. This means that an eight man musket team will now cost $8.00 more. We have not raised team fees for a long time and due to the increase in costs over the last 8 years we have to do this.
  12. A significant source of income over the last few years has been the money donated by members, and others, in our Charitable Giving Program. This program has raised a large amount of money over the last few years and this has been a major help in our budget. I ask all of you to consider giving whatever you can to the N-SSA Charitable Giving Program. If you can only give $10.00 that is a help! Please give whatever you can to help the N-SSA.
  13. The editor of the Skirmish Line, Chris Branch, has resigned and we wish her well. We are now in need of an editor and a staff. The Board heard about the possibility of a professional company taking over the production of the magazine but it felt that the cost was too high. A small committee was established to investigate possibilities for a new publisher. I encourage anyone who is interested in helping with the Skirmish Line to contact me or their regional commander.
  14. Rob Freeman of the Washington Blue Rifles has produced an 8 ? by 5 ? copy of the Skirmish Rules and these will be available at Doc?s Place. These are great to carry in your shooting box and can be very helpful to clear up issues. We thank Rob for doing this.
  15. Members who pick lead at Fort Shenandoah are reminded to fill out the form for the ?Lead Abatement Program?. This gives us a record of how much lead has been recovered from the backstop. This form is at the tower next to the box with the range flags. Be sure to put up the yellow flag is you are down range picking lead!
  16. The N-SA will have a recruiting table the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA which runs from February 1 ? February 9, 2020. It will also have a table at the Baltimore Gun Show on March 21-22 and the Richmond Gun Show on August 7-9. If you want to help with these tables please let us know.
  17. The Long Range Planning Committee motioned that we establish a committee to prepare for the 150th National which is not all that far away. If you are interested in helping with this please let me know.

I have asked each regional commander to share their notes from the meeting with their regions in a timely manner. I hope that with their presentations, and the above notes, that the membership will be well informed of what happened at the January Board of Directors Meeting. I wish all of you well and look forward to seeing you on the firing line! Thank you.

Dave Booz