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Thread: Books on top of books.

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    Books on top of books.

    I just came in to 40-50 books on Firearms and Knifes.

    Amoung them are some books on Muzzel Loaders and Civil War Firearms.

    I am not aware of a N-SSA Library, though I think it would be a GREAT IDEA.

    A couple of the books I thought might be of interest to the Small Arms Committee.

    Maybe they could lend them out to Skirmishers (or those Round Ballers) that are interested in the finer points of arms of the period.

    1 - Civil War Guns, Willian B. Edwards
    2 - The Muzzle-Loading Cap Lock Rifle, Ned H. Roberts
    3 - The Muzzle Loading Rifle: Then and Now, Walter M. Cline.

    These are the ones specific to Black Powder but I have loads of others just related to to firearms and shooting

    If John and the Boys are interested in these as reference material I would be happy to give them to you.'

    MY MISSION: is to find a good home to someone who appreciates them.

    ALSO: I would be more than happy to set up a library for the membership if someone in the leadership thinks this is something we should do,,,, BECAUSE I was given FIVE (5) wooden bookshelves and have access to two (2) metal ones.

    So some one let me know.

    David P. Baldwin

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    I am sure the small arms committee will take what you have to offer.

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