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Thread: Push For Rule Change of Electricity Use at Fort

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Holland View Post
    "What are the children going to do after the batteries on their phones and electronic devices run out?"
    I always used an advanced data storage and retrieval system that needed no batteries. Proof against electromagnetic pulse, too. We called it a "book".
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    As a comment on this topic answering the problems the 9th Va. or other teams are having relating to power at the fort.
    On low amp. usage I have a power inverter. works well with charging my c-pap, phone, and even recharging my camper battery with a battery charger and connecting it to my vehicle battery. With knowing it might drain the vehicle battery, I start the vehicle when charging and shut it off when I am finished. I also travel over 200 miles one way to the range and I have known to bring a generator to cover my needs. This way I have all the power I need if it calls for more. I do think it is smart of me to do that and to since my camp sight is approx 800 feet to the bathrooms. If I ran an extension cords to the ladies room I would have to cross the road two times and knowing this might be a tripping hazard or fraying issue. I thought about my fellow NSSA members and their families. Also I do believe the NSSA can not afford the extra expenses of electric use and this is not fair to those to pay for my electric usage.
    I for years have been a friend to many teams in the NSSA and was known as the person who brought target tiles for their shoots and would deliver it to their camp sight charging only the cost of gas I use from my home to the range. Very cheap. Well things have changed for reasons I do not want to get into but here might be a cure to the problems of teams who request power at a minor cost. Walmart sell generators and inverters. I saw one that was as cheap. As less then $60. I know it was a 1000 watt unit but for the usage needed at the fort this might be a choice gone to solve a problem. This way the other teams in the NSSA will not be paying for other teams power. I might pick up a couple if anyone needs one but I need to get orders and payments first. Or you when at the fort can go the local Walmart and pick one up.
    Oh. I have been by the 9th VA. Camp sight and I thought I say as many as 3 generators. I may be mistaking though.

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    Having 40 years experience in the field....... they WILL overload the outlet and set us up for a fire in the restrooms. Then......THEN..... they will be crying because our insurance cost went through the roof due to their ignorant actions. Selfish folks will push their personal addenda to suit themselves. Far as I remember we are listed as ?primitive camping? with the county. Maybe the unit in question could start saving money for the legal defense when they create all the fallout. SMDH......

    It was almost a rule against this very thing since I joined in 1983 until recently. Couldn?t imagine the justification for removing it for the rules.
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    Remember the information booth permits you to charge your devices there for free. Just bring your charger.

    Someone plugging in a cell phone charger for an hour isn't an issue. It's the person that runs an electric cord to their camper and wants full service electricity.

    My thought is... a lot of guys don't bring generators due to the weight and size of them. Even a small one takes up a lot of space when you drive a sedan or coupe to the shoots. Nor do guys want to leave their generator in the open at their campsite in the off season.

    I think one option is for the N-SSA to buy a dozen generators (say 4 small, 4 medium, 4 big ones) and rent them out to teams that want them for shoots. Say $10 a day for a small one, $15 a day for a medium, $20 a day for a big one. You provide your own gas. A low end generator would pay for itself in rental fees in a few shoots, even a high end one would be paid off before the warranty was up. That done we could use the rental fees for whatever...

    Modest up front investment that benefits the membership, long term minor source of income.

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    Sounds like creeping socialism😀
    Lou Lou Lou Ruggiero
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    If you can afford the guns you can afford a generator. I fully charge my rv battery before I go down (deep cycle battery} and it last me even after I leave the fort. Better yet maybe the team should all pool their money and by a small generator ( Honda) that they can all use for an electrical. Why should the rest of the NSSa have to pay for their electric?

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    Generators: Many people are quick to buy a cheap generator that sounds like a Sherman Tank when its running. I would like to encourage everyone who may be purchasing a generator to use at skirmishes to think about your neighbors, and upgrade your purchase to a quiet running generator. A little bit of consideration for others goes a long way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Holland View Post
    Generators: Many people are quick to buy a cheap generator that sounds like a Sherman Tank when its running. I would like to encourage everyone who may be purchasing a generator to use at skirmishes to think about your neighbors, and upgrade your purchase to a quiet running generator. A little bit of consideration for others goes a long way!
    Are you saying I should not bring my new USGI surplus 100KW diesel Generator to charge my phone?

    It is not that bad. You cant really hear it over the rumbling of the cannons... or can you......

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    The Ruritan Pavillion has MANY courtesy outlets for the sole purpose of recharging electronics... I recharge my DVD player and my external back-up battery pack for my phone (got it really cheap because no one needs/uses them anymore)?

    When I ran the Information Booth, I had courtesy battery recharging every day of Nationals including C-PAP and car batteries. Heck, I even delivered them to the member once charged. Only 1 or 2 members every utilized this service....

    I now use LED light bulbs in my camper exclusively. I was there for over 1 week at Fall Nationals and my deep-cycle marine battery never lost charge... With standard incandescent bulbs, it required power-management to last the 5 days. In fact, I have some property that I use for shooting, etc. It does NOT have power, but I do have a storage trailer on-site. I installed LED lighting (120VAC) which I power with a 12V Deep-cycle battery and a cheap power converter. Plenty of lighting for plenty of days!!!

    We used the Ladies Powder Room outlet this last Nationals since we were there the weekend before (we were hosting) to run a compressor. We moved to a new campsite and had to fill our tires up! But we never even imagined that we would continue to use power after that... And YES, we did have a generator too, but for the 5 minutes of running the compressor, and the fact that it was Monday, we figured we could get the job done.

    But my 2-cents is: There are so many methods of maintaining battery charge available that 'plugging-in' is unnecessary... A deep-cycle marine battery runs about $100 and will last for 5+ years...
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    Simple solution go to a motel. Use all the electric you want. Plus you got a bathroom no opening the door of your camper to go and hope that someone doesn't shine a flashlight on you. Nobody playing loud music at 2 am. Nobody playing reveille at 5 am. And if your lucky you may get a bed that has the magic fingers.
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