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Thread: Revolver Paper Cartridge Formers - Inspired by the late Cliff Manley

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    Revolver Paper Cartridge Formers - Inspired by the late Cliff Manley

    I am offering Manley-Inspired Cartridge Formers. According to several customers, these are even better than the originals!

    They are made of aluminum, but can be made of wood as well. I use the Eras Gone historically correct bullets as the reference for each one.

    The 44 Dragoon is designed for the Eras Gone Dragoon bullet. Due to the size of that conical, the cartridge holds 28 grains.
    The 44 Walker uses the Eras Gone Johnson & Dow bullet. It holds 40 grains.
    The 44 JD is for the 1860 Army, 1858 Remington and such. Also using the Johnson Dow 44, it holds 30 grains.
    The 36 Colt Cartridge Works used the Eras Gone 36 Colt Cartridge Works bullet and holds 22 grains.
    The tiny 31 Pocket is designed for the Eras Gone 31 Baby Dragoon bullet and holds 10 grains.

    I can make custom sizes, limited only by the chamber length and bullet design. I am also working on a former for the .54 Sharps.

    The formers are 35 each, with the Walker and Dragoon at 37. Shipping for up to 4 is 7.90

    Email if interested or with questions. Also on FaceBook.

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