Unless you have very specific uniform requirements here are some less expensive places online to get uniforms and gear.

www.ssfirearms.com Our old friend. The uniform quality is ok. Not stellar but not garbage either. For those looking for a pretty generic look they have everything you need plus lots of gun stuff too.

www.ccsutlery.com These guys cover the gamut from expensive custom uniforms to generic starters. Great customer service and prices

www.crescentsitysutler great starter kit prices quality is just ok. Just be sure to order all pants 2-3 sizes larger than you modern sizes.

www.regtqm.com very high quality. a bit more expensive and you had better know what you need before you order but old friends of the N-SSA with excellent customer service.

www.milkcreek.com Ok for custom orders but you will wait for them. Service is just eh. Quality of work is very good.

eBay dealers that cover a lot. Note their prices are ok but realize it's all import stuff and be sure to upsize your size needs because of it being import stuff.



Hope it helps.