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Thread: Veterans Shoot

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    Veterans Shoot

    All the veterans that participated in the Veterans Skirmish this past weekend have my admiration. I don't particularly care to shoot musket when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees, lube melts away and the barrels get too hot to hold. I rarely get to attend the Veterans shoot anyway because it often falls on the weekend closest to the anniversary of First Manassas and I must work that weekend at the battlefield (it's not really work if you love your job). In any case, has any consideration been given to moving the Veterans shoot to a more temperate month like September? Right now there is only one skirmish (Potomac Regional) at the Fort in September and plenty of room for another skirmish before the fall nationals. The only drawback to a Veterans skirmish in September (closer to anniversary of Antietam) might be fewer veterans inclined to romp in the creek. It would be interesting to find out what other veterans think of this idea and whether or not it would increase participation.

    Jim Burgess, 15th Conn. Vol. Inf.

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    Jim, I think your idea is worthy of consideration. I have been thinking November, but that is probably too late in the season. Every time I mention this to someone, the beer romp in the creek comes up. While I appreciate the tradition, I have serious concerns about the safety of our aging membership in this heat. The construction site behind my house which has been working 6 and 7 days a week, was shut down this weekend. Food for thought.

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    Oh Yes the good old days!

    At all shoots that were hot, Old "DOC" Hughs would douse you with his elixir of ice water,witch hazel and alcohol.
    We attended at least 10 shoots at the Ft. Starting with the Snow Ball!
    Favorite was the Bedford.
    Went from tent, Popup, Hardshell, now RV with a steering wheel --- age 70 changes your comfort zone.
    Now do 3 shoots a year. FLOODING a major concern.
    Development in the area has really changed water problems!
    Veterans shoot was always on the list, never made one.

    Jim Whitehouse Sr. 5875V
    Allegheny City Guards

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    I would certainly be more apt to attend if it was held in September.
    Jeff Kiser
    Jeff Davis Legion

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