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Thread: The Great Confederate Victory at Gettysburg !!!

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    The Great Confederate Victory at Gettysburg !!!

    Everyone seems to believe that IF Lee had won a great victory at Gettysburg, the Civil War would have been over and the South would have emerged as an independent nation.

    The reality is that the remnants of the Yankee army would have fallen back to the defensive line of forts surrounding Washington, D.C.

    Even IF Lee had won at Gettysburg, his army would have been severely mauled and most importantly, his ammunition (both the ANV's artillery and musket ammo supplies) would have been severely depleted.

    So, imagine the date is July 4th, 1863 and the Army of the Potomac is retreating to the defenses of Washington. You are General Lee and you have won a great victory at Gettysburg....WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE NEXT AND WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED?'

    Could Washington have been captured?


    (It is time for all of Y'all armchair Generals win your stars.)


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    Washington, Harrisburg, NY would never have been threatened or even taken for that matter.

    I don?t get into hypothetical historical debates or explorations for the simple fact that I might as well as study/write sci fi....

    There is little mystery about Lees strategic aims, objectives, concerns and plans for his second invasion of the North. His detailed and virtually non stop correspondence answers MANY questions as the entire campaign unfolded.

    But in a nut shell, the invasion was primarily to give Va a literal break from the tremendous and never ending logistical demands that the army was placing on the Old Dominion. Secondly if northern political turmoil could be achieved so as has to hurt Lincoln?s re-election, all the better. The invasion was not to be a long term endeavor mostly due to keeping the ANV tenuously supplied with ammo via the depot est?d in Winchester. The depot in Winchester was a known weakness to Lee (vulnerable supply lines) as such he had NO dreams of roaming around PA/NY unfettered indefinitely in the field.

    Interesting to note, from a historians perspective LOOKING FORWARD from the folks point of view at the time, Gburg was NOT the turning point of the war. It WAS a setback, but how costly it was was wasn?t appreciated/understood by many behind BOTH lines. To the south Vicksburg was more serious of a loss (as it was). Lee hurt the Army of The Potomac to the extent that ?they? would ?be as quiet as a sucking dove? and I was, until Grant came east to orchestrate the final months of the War of Northern Aggression.
    Literally MILES of wagons/wagon trains (including some captured by the wayward Stuart) were sent South into VA/Winchester on a continual basis carrying MUCH needed materials into the Confederacy during Lees time up north. SO, to the avg southerner the Gburg campaign worked out fairly well. To the North, the ANV was still intact and still a formidable combat force that the North would still have to subdue if it hoped to end the war. As many know, old Abe was LIVID that Meade allowed Lee and the ANV to cross back into VA.

    Many can raise and argue several key events re Gburg and how the out come COULD have been changed. Dick Ewells handling of Jackson?s old Corps, Longstreets less than typical performance on the second day, and the all time favorite scapegoat - Gen Stuart?s inability to rejoin the ANV much earlier than anticipated.

    Personally, I blame Dick. But then again, Lee knowing his trusted subordinate Stonewall was NOT at the helm of the 2d Corps, clearer, more definitive guidance would have be in order. As such, working with a fairly unknown/untested Corps Cmdr, more direct orders should have been issued instead of simply writing - take the objective ?IF practicable?...

    Well, that?s my two cents for what it?s worth...
    Rob Freeman

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    Well stated Col Freeman, and I agree with not engaging in hypothesis, as it is just so much hyperbole and has already been done ad nauseam.

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    [QUOTE=John Holland;77029]Well stated Col Freeman, and I agree with not engaging in hypothesis, as it is just so much hyperbole and has already been done ad nauseam.[/QUO

    Gee, are you saying the Confederacy didn't really have AK-47s!!!???
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