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Thread: Pedersoli Sharps Breech issue

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    Pedersoli Sharps Breech issue

    This is an FYI.

    I just found the fifth Pedersoli Sharps with the issue where they did not final ream the forcing cone. This was a Sporing rifle about 20 years old. This gun showed signs of extreme gas cutting and I believe someone incorrectly rebuilt the breech block and shortened the the floating sleeve, and didn't fit the thing up. (No body in our community would have done this).

    The new owner shot it once, with not so good results, and the bullet only made it 2 inches in the bore, and his favorite hat is damaged!

    Any one who acquires one of these "unfired" older guns needs to take a moment and inspect for this condition. Open the breech. Take a small straight slot screw driver about three inches long. Place it on the bottom of the chamber and push it toward the barrel. If it "glides" into the rifled portion of the barrel, great. If it stops and can not advance, you have one of these guns, and it is not safe to shoot as it is. Pedersoli makes very nice guns for our sport, and I am sure this is a random oversight, however it is a safety issue that is easy to check.

    Not sure, I will check them for nothing at my both, or I will walk you through inspection over the phone.


    Charlie Hahn

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    A "Tip of the Hat" to you Charlie, for your "Public Service Announcement", and your kind offer to help anyone who may not quite understand the issue!

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    Thanks for the heads-up, I will check this tonight by screwdriver and bore scope!


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