Let's make the Skirmish Line the best it can be! Send me your articles, anecdotes, shooting advice, history lessons, etc. for publication in future issues.

Send photos - Please be sure to caption them along with the names of the folks in the photo. They need to be 300 dpi in order to print clearly.

Send articles - Just type it out, nothing fancy, and send it along! Any text format works (Word, Word Perfect, Notepad). No tables or formatting needed. Please, no pdf files at this time.
- Does your family have a special skirmishing story or history? Write about it and send it along.
- Have some great advice for other shooters? Send it along.
- Is something special going on in your region or with your team? Let us know.
- The N-SSA is about more than just shooting. Share your friendship stories.
- Non-shooting family members, share your stories, ideas, etc. What makes you want to come and sit in the rain to watch? Let us know!
- Long time skirmishers - reminisce and share the changes you've seen over the years.

Youth Articles Wanted! Let's be sure folks know that the N-SSA has great programs for kids and is a family-friendly organization.

Veterans Shoot - It would be wonderful to have an article to go with the photos - and captions with people's names.

Regional News - Share what's going on in your region. It doesn't have to be all scores, you all probably know them well before the magazine comes out anyway. Share news about upcoming shoots or other interesting happenings or stories. Have you found a recruiting strategy that's working for you? Share it with us.

Send everything to skirmishline@n-ssa.net. I'm trying to send a quick response to everyone letting them know I've received their submission. Don't take it personally if your story isn't in the next issue! It might take a while to have the necessary space.

The annual Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Saturday, January 26, 2019 in Chantilly, Virginia. We will be finalizing a hard schedule for the publication of the Skirmish Line at that time. Come to the meeting if you're able to participate and hear more about everything that's happening within the N-SSA.

Christine (Chris) Branch, Skirmish Line Editor
Please note: The best way to reach me is by email - skirmishline@n-ssa.net. Due to the nature of my work and schedule, I'm normally unable to answer my phone. And to be honest, most of the time I can't even hear it ring!

Also, I've just received the majority of the information needed for the next issue and hope to have it finalized before Christmas.